Wheeled Vanity Cases

Today vanity cases come in all sizes and the largest are usually designed for actresses or models so they can be used in even the remotest of locations where dressing rooms are not available. These large vanity cases are sometimes referred to as a makeup trolley but regardless of their name they are still none the less, vanity cases, only larger. Probably the most popular sizes from vanity cases today are small ones, small enough to sit on a dressing table next to a jewelry box but they come on all sizes between the dressing table top ones to the extremely large trolleys used by actresses.

With all these sizes now available many women have problems deciding just which one to buy and as they can only try and imagine all that a particular one will hold when looking at one in a store, most women look at them online first. On the online sites which have the various sized vanity cases, many will state exactly how much and what can fit in each and this then gives a woman a better idea of exactly what she needs. Having seen which one she needs, she doesn’t have to necessarily buy it online as she is under no obligation to but if she goes to store to purchase one, at least she then knows exactly which one or size she needs.

Although few men today will own a vanity case, they were in fact initially designed for men back in the early Victorian period. At that time some men of wealth chose to travel sometimes long distances and so instead of rummaging through their entire luggage looking for a clothes brush or perhaps a shoe brush, a vanity case was designed for them which could carry those items and any other items which helped the man to keep up appearances. As it was only men of wealth that could afford to travel at that time, owning a vanity case was perhaps a status symbol.

Later but still in the Victorian period, women also started to travel but once again it was only the wealthier ones so vanity cases were specifically designed for them which included room for their different makeup requirements. Obviously these vanity cases were very useful whilst traveling but many of the women that traveled, started to use their vanity cases even at home and it then became common for other women to use vanity cases in their bedrooms, even if they did not travel.

This did mean of course that any status symbol a vanity case may have had was lost but the convenience a good vanity case provided more than made up for the loss of its status. Men however did not find the vanity cases of so much use outside of the times they were travelling and so there are many different vanity cases available to buy today, very few if any will have been specifically for use by men and now that travel times are greatly reduced, not even men’s vanity cases for travel.