Modesty And The Use Of Abaya

Have you ever seen an “abaya” worn by a woman? If you were a native of Mexico, for example, or any other place where the use of “abaya” is not common, then you might be a bit culture-shocked on seeing someone wearing an abaya, for the abaya covers the whole body of a woman saved for the feet, face, and the hands. The concept of wearing abaya is derived from the holy book of Islam, the Qur’an which says that women should cover themselves with a loose clothing or garment. Qur’an 33:59 is usually given out to bolster the argument for wearing abaya. Yet, the use of abaya might have even antedated the verses of Qur’an for even in the ancient times, people in the Middle East had already been using clothing that covered their whole body to protect their bodies from extreme temperature of the Middle East. Hence, the abaya might have been worn as protective clothing even before the dawn of Islam.

However, nowadays, the habit of wearing abaya in the Middle East is already associated with the concept of modesty. Gone were the days when wearing this kind of clothing was directly due to the kind of weather of that place.

Abaya as Fashionable Clothing

Whenever I am asked about what is fashionable, I would often remark and quote the dictionary’s definition of the word “fashionable.” The dictionary readily defines “fashionable” as something that is popularly used. Hence, if you ask me whether “abaya” is fashionable, I would definitely admit that abaya has always been fashionable for it is definitely popular in many places. Yet recently, our concept of what is fashionable is often associated with those clothing which are used and popularized by models on the runways around the world, and truly, if you look at some of these clothing worn by runway models, you would surely be amazed as to the variety of clothing that are considered fashionable nowadays. Even the abaya did not escape being showcased on runways, for truly, the abaya is very much fashionable as long as you know how to use it. Hence, nowadays, you would readily see slinky models sporting the abaya robe together with the hijab. Colorful abayas and hijab often lighten up the runways of the world, creating more awareness for these awesome clothing. Runways in UK, for example, sometimes present abayas UK-made, making abaya very popular in that place.

If you were a conservative type of person who believes that modesty is mirrored in the way you carry yourself, then surely you would love to wear an abaya. Yet, modesty can also be a frame of mind that you sport, and hence, it is not often the choice of clothing that makes a person modest. Sometimes, if a girl’s body is so much covered, the mind of a lustful person is further inflamed. Yet, if everybody, for example, does not have clothing, the concept of modesty will have a different twist.

Looks can be deceiving. I have known of girls who look prettily conservative, yet deep in their hearts, they have so much wickedness. Hence, it is not the clothing that we wear that makes us modest. It is usually the kind of mentality of other people that makes a particular dress immodest.