Platinum Solitaire Rings

Each and every one of us has a specific set of individuals whom we look up to and consider our heroes. When I went around and ask different people whom they consider is their modern day hero, I was not surprised to hear their answers. A big number of them answered their parents. When asked why, they would say because they owe their lives to them. They have worked so hard just to provide them a comfortable place to live in, put food in their table every single day, buy them clothes and other things they need and more importantly gave them an opportunity to study and graduate in good schools. They owe them the person they are today and without them they will not be where they are presently. While a big majority of them considered their parents, others said their grandparents, a few friends, aunts or uncles. With all the stories I heard, what stood out the most and has touched me so much is the girl who was at her second year in med school.

This particular girl was full of hope and dreams that she was fully dedicated in reaching her goals. She will fight her way through and tackle all obstacles that was in her way. When she was in grade school she would often read about articles in medicine. It fascinated her even if she did not know what these other terms mean. When she was in high school her interest in medicine became even more serious that she told herself that she wanted to become a doctor. Her family recently underwent financial problems that enrolling her in a medical school were too expensive and was very hard to do at the moment. She wrote letters to her grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts asking for a little assistance for her to be able to save enough so that she can enroll in med school. From the thirty people she sent letter to, each and every one of them turned her down saying since she cannot fund her tuition from the start she should just forget about her dream and start looking for a work to help her family. Even if they were well off, they were not willing to give even a single dollar. She was crushed inside but was still very determined to reach her goals. She wrote letters to various multi national companies who might be interested in having her as a scholar. To her surprised, after a few weeks, a popular yet very humble man scheduled a meeting with her. Right then and there he gave her a check paying for the whole term in med school. This man saw a potential and how determined she was to study. This girl is very pretty yet she isn’t just about interested in getting herself platinum solitaire rings but a platinum tool that will help her save people’s lives.

In life, not every one even our family and friends whom we believe and expect will always be there for us especially in trying times. Sometimes, there are people whom we do not even know will be the hero who will save us.